Submarines in movies

sous-marins "non classés"

Atomic shark

A Yank in Australia

Black ice
The black ice

Black water

Blanco (2017)

City beneath the sea (Série)

Commando intrépide
Daring game
The unkillables

C.P.O. Sharkey - 2x02 "Operation: Frisco"

Crimson shoals

Deeper (2017)

Die Arche
The arc

Emina - Das U-boot

Ghosts of Odessa


L'incroyable Mr Limpet (2017)
The incredible Mr. Limpet (2017)

Might and the Man

Narco Sub (2017)

Nemo taucht auf

Nobody's perfect
The Little Bustard


Oh! U-Boat


Prisoners of the sea
Plenniki morya

Redhead from Manhattan

Secret beneath the sea (Série)

Si un camarade appelle
If a comrade calls
Esli pozovyot tovarishch


The dead sea

The devil at his elbow

The identity burglar

The periscope

Un prêtre pas comme les autres
Der Pfarrer von St. Pauli

Up to his neck

Weary Willie steals a fish

Zon 261
Zone 261

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