Submarines in movies
Le retour des loups
Nazi S.S.
Réalisateur : Bruno Paolinelli Année : 1966 Genre : Espionnage
Acteurs : Sandro Moretti, Liana Orfei, Dominique Boschero, Moa Tahi...
Résumé : An American secret agent is assigned to stop a neo-nazi movement with plans of world domination, led by an old associate of Hitler who had gone into hiding for 20 years. His mission takes him all over the world, but despite the globe-trotting, this flick is nothing really special (I'm only even writing this comment because nobody else bothered to). The hero is pretty bland and, despite the scale of their plans (which are actually kind of similar to "You Only Live Twice", made one year later!), so are the villains. The main reason I'm still giving this film ** out of 4 is the presence of the extremely beautiful Liana Orfei, who gets involved in the action more than you'd expect. They don't make them like her anymore.
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