Submarines in movies

Communication militaire
films de propagande,
de recrutement, de formation, promotionnels...

1400 Zulu

A bord d'un sous-marin
Sommergibili nel Mediterraneo

Adventure in inner space


All hands

Appointment in Tokyo

Blockade... und U-Boot-Krieg

Come si diventa marinai

Deep submergence rescue system

Deutsches U-Boot auf Feindfahrt Bericht

Die Deutsche Wehrmacht - U Boote

Duties of Lookouts

Fearless to the Fleet

Four men went to sea

German and Italian sneak craft

Goblin on the doorstep

Attack to sink

Greyhounds of the sea

Hann, Hein und Henny

It is for England!
The hidden hand

Know your own Navy

La caccia ai sommergibili

La croisière de l'U 35
Der magische Gürtel

Leading from strength - US Missile and Military Might

Meet the fleet
Anchors aweigh

Missione di un sommergibile

Mr Blabbermouth

Na Manevry "Okean"

Operation Dwarka, 1965

Our crucial deterrent

Pearl Harbour (1943)
December 7th: The movie
Pearl Harbor (1943)

Polaris to Poseidon

Science in action - Submarines

Sea Power - Challenge from below

Sous-marins à l'Ouest
Submarines heading Westward
U-Boote Westwärts !

Submarine escape (1953)

Submarine escape (1963)

Submarine Officer

Submarine on patrol

Sucker bait

Take 'er down

The artificers

The atom goes to sea

The nuclear Navy

The submarine - part II Construction

The submariners

'Tiffy' (Naval Artificer)

To catch a shadow

U-Boote am Feind

U-Boote heraus!

USS Nautilus - Operation Sunshine

Voyage North

Weaponers of the deep

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